Custom Cabinets in Torrance

Cabinetry is an often-overlooked aspect that is very important in a household and also in a commercial setting. Without cabinetry, we would not have the proper place for things and there would be clutter everywhere. Imagine how disruptive your commercial space would become without the proper cabinetry to keep everything looking clean and organized? The space would alienate your Torrance clients and would be non-conducive to work and productivity. For years, Torrance business owners have relied on So. Cal Tenant Improvement, Inc. for our knowledge, skills and expertise in custom cabinetry. At So. Cal Tenant Improvement, Inc., we have many years of experience working as Torrance’s premier source for artisanal custom cabinetry. At So. Cal Tenant Improvement, Inc., we merge style with functionality to create custom cabinet solutions for our clients. We are passionate about the creative challenge each job provides as well as the opportunity to prove ourselves as talented designers and craftsmen.  

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets in Torrance

It’s not just residential properties that require custom kitchen cabinets in Torrance, commercial spaces such as those in the hospitality industry and more require custom cabinetry to keep their spaces clean, organized and stylish. So. Cal Tenant Improvement, Inc. has provided creative custom cabinetry solutions for our commercial clients in the following settings in Torrance:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Strip malls
  • Government buildings
  • Movie theaters
  • …and much more

Custom Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing in Torrance

If you have a pre-existing cabinet system installed in your commercial space, you don’t always need to completely rip it out and replace it. If you are looking for a cheap and effective cabinet solution that doesn’t break the bank, So. Cal Tenant Improvement, Inc. provides beautiful cabinet refinishing in Torrance. We are able to effectively repair and refinish old cabinetry to modernize and update old systems, making them functional and beautiful all at once.

Custom Wall Cabinets in Torrance

Wall cabinets are a wonderful addition to any commercial business in Torrance. With a unique, functional and stylish wall cabinet solution, you can do many things. The following are just a few examples of the ways that our Torrance clients have used their So. Cal Tenant Improvement, Inc. custom cabinetry:

  • Showcasing merchandise
  • Decorative installations
  • Open-concept organization tool
  • Bookshelf
  • File organization
  • Discreet shelving units

Custom Cabinet Pricing in Torrance

If you are business owner located in Torrance, chances are you might need a custom cabinet installation in your space. To find out more about the services we offer, call us today or stop by in person. We have a showroom of samples and examples of the kinds of custom cabinetry that we have designed and installed for your convenience. We will be able to provide you with custom cabinet pricing and all of the details involved in your project. We have a multitude of creative solutions that consider materials, cost, budget and much more to make your custom cabinet solution work perfectly for you. Don’t wait, call So. Cal Tenant Improvement, Inc. today and start building the custom cabinet system of your dreams!